It’s Your Day: Celebrate!

We’re a day out from Valentine’s Day. I just want to encourage everyone to celebrate the love in your life, wherever it may come from. Don’t let expectations about what you want out of the day, stress over the perfect surprise, or the fact that there are still things (people) you are waiting for take over your weekend. How you celebrate the day is your choice. If you’re feeling a little low on love, remember that there are many more who may also be feeling the same way. Reaching out to them may surprise you by filling your lonely spaces, too.

For the married, if this is a bumpy holiday for you, sit down and decide together what you really want to do, even if it’s just enjoying cuddling on the couch with popcorn and that movie you’ve been meaning to watch. Don’t let it become a pressure cooker of unspoken expectations.

Our family finally decided to make our Valentine’s Day date a family date.  This took a lot of pressure off of hubby and I to make the day super-romantic. We usually have a big outing for the two of us around our anniversary at the end of Dec./early Jan., and we have weekly together time, so Valentine’s Day isn’t filling a romantic void for us.  Instead, we plan an adventure together as a family, and talk about ways that we can show our love for one another.

Last year, we found discount tickets to a dinner theater jubilee.  Before the show, Kiddo and I went to our local gourmet chocolate shop and chose special treats for each member of the family.  That evening, we all dressed up for our “fancy” date, and enjoyed an incredibly entertaining evening of dance, acrobatics, and comedy.  It was the best Valentine’s experience of my life.  There were no expectations on any of us and no disappointments, because it was something we communicated about together.

If this is one of the holidays that you find yourself anticipating with a mixture of hope and dread, I encourage you to flip it around.  If you’re single, make it yours.  Don’t spend the day watching rom-coms in yoga pants with a carton of ice cream, unless that truly makes you happy.  Celebrate in your own way, with your favorite people.  If you’re in a relationship, give your partner a break.  Drop your expectations, and sit down and come up with a plan together that suits you both.  If you have children, consider bringing them into the holiday.  They need to learn about love in all its forms, not just the romantic (and usually sensual) hype that the media surrounds us with.  The day is yours.  Rock it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!


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